‘absorbing second mystery . . . stunning resolution.’ [Stage Fright]


Quick Update

Apologies to anyone who’s been wondering what’s happened to me. I’ve been busy with all sorts of things, including the first draft of a novel and really, I probably ought to be honest with myself and admit that I need to take time off from my blog over the summer. But before I disappear again for a few weeks, a quick update on what I’ve been reading. I’m still on a comfort reading jag and hugely enjoyed re-reading Ernest H. Shephard’s DRAWN FROM MEMORY with its charming illustrations (he was of course the illustrator of Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows). Like all the best childhood memoirs there are dark tones as well as light and I had tears in my eyes at one point. I have almost finished re-reading A LONDON CHILD OF THE 1870S, the first of Molly Hughes marvellous trilogy. I have read this countless times.
I’ve also managed to find time to read Allegra Goodman’s new noveL, THE COOKBOOK COLLECTOR, which I picked up because I’m a great admirer of her earlier novel, INTUITION. This wasn’t quite as good, it fell apart rather towards the end, but she writes so well and there was plenty to enjoy: a four star rather than a five star effort.
That’s it for now. I plan to do lots of reading over the next few weeks and I hope to tell you about it in mid August.
Have a great summer!