‘a fast paced thriller. The author is a good storyteller, keeping the suspense throughout.’ [Invisible]


I am buying books in my sleep

imagesRegular readers of my blog will know that I have decided to abstain from buying books for three months. I began on the 24th September and I have been more or less faithful to my vow (I’ve bought a book at a book launch and a friend’s newly published poetry collection – I wanted to support her right away and not wait until the end of my moratorium). There have been other times when I have been very sorely tempted, but I haven’t succumbed.

Maybe this is why last night I dreamt I had bought two books! I’d done it before I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to and I wondered how I was going to explain this on my blog. Perhaps I could give the books away as presents? Then I realised I was dreaming and woke up feeling relieved. And which books were they? A small navy blue hardback World’s Classic collection of the Father Brown Stories of G. K. Chesterton and a second-hand paperback of Agatha Christie’s Murder is Easy. Why these in particular? I have no idea. For one thing I already own both of them. Murder is Easy is pretty good, but not one of Christie’s absolute best. I love the Father Brown stories, but I don’t need another copy of that either. I was buying them on a trip to Thailand, a place I’ve never visited. The mysteries of the unconscious . . .

It’s clear though that abstinence is getting to me. Perhaps next time, I’ll sleepwalk to my computer and find in the morning that I have bought dozens of books on-line.