Invisible is a great thriller. I can’t say too much more about the plot because the twists and turns are the whole point of reading a book that wrong foots the reader at every turn . . . Christine Poulson kept me reading by giving out just enough information to intrigue and puzzle so that I had to read just one more chapter. That’s why, in the end, I just dropped everything else and read the last half of Invisible in one sitting.’


Cold Cold Heart by Christine Poulson

Snowbound with a stone-cold killer.

Midwinter in Antarctica.

Six months of darkness are about to begin.

Scientist Katie Flanagan has an undeserved reputation as a trouble-maker and her career has foundered. When an accident creates an opening on a remote Antarctic research base she seizes it, flying in on the last plane before the subzero temperatures make it impossible to leave.

Meanwhile patent lawyer Daniel Marchmont has been asked to undertake due diligence on a breakthrough cancer cure. But the key scientist is strangely elusive and Daniel uncovers a dark secret that leads to Antarctica.

Out on the ice a storm is gathering. As the crew lock down the station they discover a body and realise that they are trapped with a killer. . .

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Reviews for Cold, Cold Heart

‘. . . intensely gripping and atmospheric . . . despite being curled up by a log fire, warm and cosy, Christine Poulson had me out there in the Antarctic, cold, shivering, frightened – nowhere to run. Christine . . . is a master of storytelling and seriously underrated. If you enjoy a stonking good story that keeps you on the edge of your seat this is for you. Unmissable.’

‘Christine Poulson has developed some fantastically realistic characters, both major and minor . . . Cold, Cold Heart played into my love of crime fiction which takes a different approach and this intelligent offering kept me hooked whilst thankful that it wasn’t me out there in the cold..’

‘Christine Poulson has long been one of the most reliable talents in the crime/thriller field, and her style, understated but forceful, is well in evidence in this latest ingenious variation on the cloistered locale mystery.’

‘an absolute winner. A fantastic crime novel featuring a small group of people stuck together in a small place, with some very nasty things going on . . . Altogether this is a marvellous book: beautifully structured, eerie and atmospheric, but also funny and very convincing.’

‘This novel held me in its thrall throughout its entirety. I read it in three joyous sittings, almost unable to tear myself away from it to sleep, and when waking early, eager to continue reading the spell binding story. It’s a tremendously enjoyable novel full of excitement and tension. I loved everything about it . . . and would not hesitate to recommend it as an excellent read.’
JOAN H on NetGalley (Ismay1012 Amazon 1000 Reviewer)

‘An exciting and engaging mystery. I loved the interplay of the characters, the various storylines and the unusual Antarctic setting, which felt very authentic. If you like character driven crime novels, with engaging settings, which rely more on intelligent writing than gore and violence, then you will enjoy this. Recommended highly.’
S RIAZ (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)

‘A tense thriller that kept me guessing to the end. Brilliantly researched, Cold, Cold Heart takes you into the bleakest of environments; convincing and enthralling. Highly recommend.’