‘a delightful amateur sleuth novel with a well balanced mix of domestic and academic life and a strong sense of place.’ [Stage Fright]



Short Stories

The Lammergeier Vulture
A story that is close to my heart as it was the first I ever wrote. I’m delighted to have it read so sympathetically by Jonathan Danz.

Read by Jonathan Danz
Listen online: Crime City Central No: 92

Don’t You Hate Having Two Heads?
Visiting the Guggenheim Museum in Venice, it struck me that it would be a marvellous setting for a short story and here it is.

Features on LitNav
A free iPhone app that allows you to travel the world through international short fiction.

A Tour of the Tower
This short story was inspired by a holiday spent in a top floor flat actually in the cathedral close in Salisbury.

First published in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine in 2010.
Short-listed for a Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer Award in 2011.
Download A Tour of the Tower as a Word document

Fishy Story
It was during a visit to the London Aquarium that I had the idea of telling a story from the point of view of a fish.

First published in Original Sins, the 2010 CWA anthology, edited by Martin Edwards
Download Fishy Story as a Word document

Guest Blogs and Articles

Discover how a Swedish cemetery was the inspiration for my new novel, Invisible. Read my guest article on Martin Edward’s blog.

“‘Where do you get your ideas?’ That’s a question that writers are often asked, and in truth they can come from anywhere. They can be ripped from today’s headlines or they can have lain dormant in your memory for decades. In the case of my new novel, An Air That Kills, it was both.

People sometimes ask if I am a full-time writer. Well, yes – and no. Find out more on Crimetime

Female First
Seven things I want my readers to know about me by Christine Poulson

Hidden Treasures
In Footfall I explored the world of the independent library. During my research I discovered many hidden gems, some of them wonderfully eccentric. Find out about them here.

First published in The Author, Winter, 2006, vol CXVII, NO.4
Read online
Download Hidden Treasures as a Word document

I Know Where the Bodies are Buried
The life of crime-writer is very different from that of an academic. Or is it? Find out in this article I wrote for the Mystery Readers’ Journal.

First published in the Academic Mysteries 202 issue of the Mystery Readers Journal, Vol 22, Number 4, Winter 2007-8
Read online
Download I Know Where the Bodies are Buried as a Word document

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