‘One of those rare gems that comes to the reviewer out of the blue . . . enough twists to shame a cobra . . . the story fairly rips along, defying the reader to put the book down . . . Christine Poulson should be heralded as the fine entrant to the world of crime fiction she most certainly is.’ [Stage Fright]


A Cambridge scene

The city of Cambridge and the surrounding Fens, with their unique and sometimes sinister atmosphere, were the inspiration for my Cassandra James mysteries which feature literary historian and accidental sleuth, Cassandra James.

Dead Letters: A Cassandra James in Cambridge mystery by Christine Poulson

In the days when I used to mark Tripos papers, I used to be afraid of somehow losing them or damaging them. Maybe the house would burn down!  In the first chapter of Dead Letters, I confronted that fear . . .

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Stage Fright: A Cassandra James in Cambridge Mystery by Christine Poulson

Some of the sensation novels by writers like Mrs Braddon and Mrs Henry Wood are still great reads. I decided I’d like to set a novel during a modern production of East Lynne, and have the events off stage mirror some of the action on stage.

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Footfall: A Cassandra James in Cambridge Mystery by Christine Poulson

I have always loved libraries. It was a pleasure to create one of my own in Footfall. Distant book stacks in parts of old libraries where no-one goes can be creepy places . . .

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