‘A marvellous entry in this excellent series, one of those books that  you have to keep reading but hate to finish. Highly recommended.’ [Stage Fright]

Crime-writer Linda Stratmann is my guest

Crime-writer Linda Stratmann is my guest

Linda Stratmann is my guest on the blog today. I got to know Linda when we were both on the CWA committee. It’s not the first time she has featured on my blog. Some time ago I reviewed her fascinating book, Chloroform. She’s also written a lot about true crime. But today she’s talking about […]

Linda’s Book Launch

Something to add to my last blog. The launch of Linda Stratmann’s new novel, THE POISONOUS SEED, is at Waterstone’s Islington Green on Thursday 2 June from 6.30. I can’t be there, but maybe you can? All are welcome.While I’m here I’ll mention that Anne Fadiman’s second book of essays, AT LARGE AND AT SMALL: […]


I spent Thursday to Sunday last week at Crimefest, where I moderated a couple of panels. Linda Stratmann was on one of them. She is the author of a book entitled CHLOROFORM which I’d heard was good – and it is. As far as I’d thought at all about it, I’d been aware of chloroform […]