‘an intriguing read . . . keeps the reader guessing . . . a lot to enjoy in this romp through the Cambridge Commons . . . a strong sense of place and a narrative style that is both energetic and engaging.’ [Dead Letters]

- Margaret Murphy, SHERLOCK

Classic thriller: Wait Until Dark

Wait_Until_Dark_1967Susy, played by Audrey Hepburn, is still adjusting to the loss of her sight in an accident. Her husband is away. She doesn’t know that there is a doll stuffed with heroine hidden in her flat. Three villains, one of whom is a violent psychopath, played by Alan Arkin, know it’s there. They just don’t know exactly where. But hey, how difficult can it be to put one over on a blind lady, who can’t recognise anyone or see what they are doing? And at first it seems they are right. Susy falls for the elaborate line that they spin. But slowly she becomes suspicious. Why has this man got shoes that squeak in exactly the same way as those of someone who came earlier, when one is the father and one, the son.  Why does that man who is supposed to be a policeman constantly move the blinds up and down . . . Is he perhaps signalling to someone outside?

The truth about these people begins to dawn on her. The only chance she has is to wait until dark and smash all the lights. Now at last the odds might be in her favour. . . There is a falling out among thieves and Alan Arkin is the only one left . . . The last quarter of an hour of the film had me on the edge of my seat and one particular plot twist made me gasp.

It’s a brilliant idea, though it’s not quite perfect as a film. It was originally a stage play and that shows. But still . . .  truly a classic.

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