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Crime Drama Clichés 3

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 in The Bridge | 4 Comments

The_Bridge_is_back_at_last___and_here_s_why_Winter_is_the_perfect_season_for_chilly_Scandi_dramaI’ve been enjoying the excellent 3rd series of The Bridge, though I do miss Martin, who is now banged up in prison. However, original though the series is, it is not quite a cliché-free zone. Here’s one I spotted: someone lets themselves into their car and you know, just know, that a sinister figure is going to rise up behind them and strangle them. Plausible perhaps at night, but in broad daylight would someone really not notice that there was a person crouching in the back seat of their car?

2.  This is from my great friend Sue ( In the US Law and Order the police show up to interview a witness at their place of work. Do they give the police their full attention? No: directors don’t like talking heads, so the witness goes on loading their van, polishing glasses or whatever. If they are at home, they will be folding the laundry.

3. Someone – probably a woman – is running through woods. There is wobbly, hand-held camera-work and a soundtrack of crashing through undergrowth and gasping for breath. Cut! The next scene will be the police being called out to a body.

4. Someone’s alone in the house and the door bell rings. They answer the door. Their face lights up: ‘oh, it’s you!’ Cut! The next time we see them they are dead.



  1. Moira, Clothes in Books
    December 6, 2015

    All too recognizable! My favourite is always the very distinctive scarf, hat or jacket that someone borrows. Has the wrong person been killed or attacked?

    • Christine Poulson
      December 7, 2015

      Yes, that is mostly a Golden Age thing, isn’t it? – as is the box of poisoned chocs which is another favourite of mine.

  2. Lucy Fisher
    December 8, 2015

    That person who’s been sitting in a car over the street for hours – he’s watching you.

    1. You’d never find a convenient parking place, and
    2. You’ll look terribly suspicious because NOBODY just sits in a car – especially not for hours.


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