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Me and Mrs Jones

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 in 1972, Billy Paul, Me and Mrs Jones | 2 Comments

Billy Paul has died and hearing him singing ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ on the radio sent me straight back to 1972, when the song was everywhere. The exams were over and there were long hot summer days when I seemed to have all the time in the world to hang out with my friends, to read, and to daydream. I can see my young self with long hair and dressed in the not very flattering style of the day, a midi skirt, perhaps, or flared trousers.

In truth, ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ is not a great song, but it was a great performance by Billy Paul. And listening to it now there is an added piquancy. I kept my maiden name when I married, so not everyone knows that these days, as well as being Christine Poulson, I am also, yes, Mrs Jones.


  1. moira @ClothesInBooks
    April 29, 2016

    Lovely memory. I remember this song very well, and although this isn’t the trigger for my memories, there are other songs that would summon up my days in the 70s, so I know exactly what you mean. Sent straight back there…

    • Christine Poulson
      April 29, 2016

      Yes, the potency of cheap music – though I don’t really regard popular music as cheap. So many songs from that period . . .


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